Through the Years, He is Working ...
In Us and With Us

On February 16, 2014, the Tabulac Church in San Jose City, Nueva Ecija celebrated its 30th anniversary. Congregations from nearby churches: Bagong Sikat, Kaliwanagan, Maragol, Melcar, Parista and San Leonardo were all welcomed by their sweet smiles and soon the church was filled with the need of extra chairs outside.

The program started at 2 o°clock in the afternoon with a prelude from Sis. Leah on the piano and violinists Sis. Kristine and Sis. Cedez. It was followed by a Tagalog song "Lahat ay Aking Ibibigay" (Everything, I will give) which started as a solo by Bro. Jethro, then duet with Sis. Leah, quartet with Sis. Kristine & Sis. Cedez and finally with the whole choir of Tabulac which truly touched our hearts as we felt God's spirit with us.

Words of welcome were given by Bro. Carlito, our worker-in-charge in Tabulac, followed by congregational singing led by Sis. Jinky. Bro. Roque gave a detailed history of the church in a powerpoint presentation entitled: History: The Reason We are Here! He recalled how the church started with a VBS in April 1983 led by the saints from Melcar with its first congregational service in Feb. 14, 1984 under a nipa hut. Bro. Bob Green and his wife were the first missionaries who visited in Nov. 1986, the same time when Bro. Sid and Sis. Toning were assigned to lead the congregation. The church building came into reality in 1992 thru the help of our Korean brethren after a visit by Bro. Harold Barrett in 1990. This church was relocated in Jan. 2009 to a nearby barangay and Bro. Roque was assigned as pastor-in-charge in Aug. 2013 continuing the 27 years of his parents' faithful service.

(To watch for the movie clip of the Tabulac History : click here)

A thanksgiving prayer was offered by Bro. Sid followed by a special number by the choir entitled "Pananalig" (Faith). The scripture in Ps 133 was read by Bro. Mike followed by another special number " Lord, Listen to Your Children Praying". The message was given by Rev. Zenaida Ruiz quoting 1Cor 12:31 and 2 Tim 1 :6, stirring up the gift which is in us and the Lord will show a more excellent way. She made a comparison of how blood flows in the human body to how love works as the circulatory system of the body of Christ. How a church is able to stay and continue to grow all depends on love. Our hearts should be tough yet malleable. What is important is that we always dwell in unity.

We saw a lot of old faces from their history who used to be the children in Sunday school and now these same faces are now the SS teachers themselves and Lord willing their children and grandchildren will continue sowing and reaping with love.

Bro. Joey led the closing prayer, afterwhich everyone enjoyed the food while looking at the bulletin board with a collage of old pictures reminiscing the past and seeing how the Lord has kept the Tabulac church through the years.




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